How much is my home worth?

Foreclosure Expertise

Foreclosed homes, called REOs for Real Estate Owned in financial institution portfolios, present quite a problem for banks, neighborhoods and the entire real estate market because not only do they need to sell, but they need to be managed to prevent further blight. This requires a high degree of sophistication and expertise in many aspects of real estate, and that is why K.O. Real Estate is called in so often.

K.O. Managing Broker Karen Frisone began her lengthy real estate career in property management, which required overseeing the maintenance, upkeep, marketing and ultimate sale of often vacant resort properties in the Colorado mountains in the aftermath of the savings and loan scandal in the 1980s that led to a real estate recession. Success in this marketplace required – demanded – expertise in minor and major home repair, from plumbing and electricity to roofing and cracked foundations as well as the marketing savvy and sales acumen to ride out the storm successfully.

K.O. Real Estate and Managing Broker Karen Frisone are among only a handful of real estate experts in the country to be tapped by Freddie Mac, the federal guarantors of many of the nation’s mortgages, to manage REO/foreclosed properties on behalf of financial institutions. The goal is to ensure that these properties don’t deteriorate due to abandonment, are maintained in sale-ready condition and can be moved from empty houses to family homes as soon as possible. Neighborhood stabilization is always our primary focus; we fix up the homes to maintain property values for the neighbors. Because of its history, reputation and expertise, K.O. Real Estate has emerged as a leader in this marketplace for the Denver metro area.     

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