How much is my home worth?

Buying Investment Property

Investing in real estate has always offered a solid value, and depending on the property, it could also provide a healthy income. At K.O. Real Estate we specialize in property assessments and values and we keep close tabs on the real estate market as a whole, including rental rates and vacancies, so we are also adept at income streams.

We have many clients who came to us to buy and/or sell their homes who have come back to tap our expertise in the investment property arena. There are many differences when it comes to investment property, and we are keenly attuned to them. Some investors take the long view and look for property appreciation over time. Others look for income from rents and leases. And, of course, financing for investment properties has its own nuances and tax implications that often differ from one’s primary residence. We can help here on all counts, and as usual, help our clients to make the most informed decision possible.

One of the keys on investment properties is the condition of the structure and the main infrastructure systems like the heating plant, the plumbing, the roof and maintenance issues. With our background in property management, K.O. Real Estate is especially adept at assessing values and risks, all of which is a plus for our clients. And since we constantly monitor the real estate market, K.O. Real Estate is always at the ready to recognize and analyze any and all investment opportunities that arise.

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