How much is my home worth?

Tips For Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling a home, a real estate company with the experience of K.O. Real Estate is an invaluable asset. We constantly monitor the marketplace, neighborhood by neighborhood, in every price range, and we know what is selling, what is desired – and more importantly, what is not selling. We know how to showcase a property for a top-value sale. Here are some Tips for Selling Your Home we have developed through years of sales experience:

  • Before deciding to sell, conduct an inspection of the major systems in the home – plumbing, electrical, hot water heaters, furnace, air conditioner, roof, foundation – to make sure they will pass muster with buyers and pass inspection when an offer comes in. Some older homes, for instance, are not up to code on the electric and will need to be upgraded even to qualify for a sale. Appliances older than 10 years are much less energy efficient and may be a negative – or a negotiating point – when it comes to a sale.
  • Make sure,  (K.O. Real Estate can help) that there is nothing in the property’s financial picture – liens, mechanic liens, property line disputes – that might cloud the title. Better to know in advance and cure a problem than to discover it in a title search later.
  • Make sure the landscaping is up to par and the home looks good from the street: “curb appeal,” as they say.
  • Check the gutters, outdoor faucets, driveways and walkways for obvious signs of deterioration and be prepared to fix whatever is necessary.
  • Clean out the garage. A nice tidy garage is a great selling point.  
  • Inside, look at floors, floor coverings, walls, paint, wallpaper, countertops and appliances, for signs of wear and tear. Some can be fixed or spruced up, but it’s a good idea to be aware of any potential negatives.
  • Look at furniture for signs of wear and remove any objects that might be viewed negatively. These won’t be included in a sale, but could be a distraction. Many sellers remove some furniture to storage during the sale process to decrease clutter and make a better presentation.
  • During the marketing phase, keep the home, including appliances, as clean as possible. If you have pets, minimize distractions like a dirty litter box.
  • Be very flexible in your schedule – you never know when an important showing will take place.

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