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Upgrading to a New Home

While buying that first home is one of the more important events in anyone’s life, moving up to a new home when the time is right is often a much more strategic endeavor. With a little experience in home owning that second new home – or when moving up to the third or fourth – is often sought to reflect a new status in life or to accommodate that growing family or because a new job makes a new location an obvious choice. Whatever the case, K.O. Real Estate stands ready to handle every detail with knowledge and professionalism. Your move matters.

As the purchase of any home is an investment in the future – your future – upgrading to a new home involves an extra set of details and K.O. Real Estate is exceptionally qualified to handle the challenge. We can assist in getting an existing property ready to sell for maximum value with our expertise in preparing properties, handling punch-lists of necessary repairs or improvements and with top-notch marketing and presentation that offers sellers an advantageous position. Simultaneously, we will set out to find just the right new home, in the right neighborhood, at the right price, with no hidden complications. All the while we will manage the balance between buying and selling, assisting on the financing side with the new home and with buyer qualifications on the existing home. We will do everything we can to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

Our repeat clients – which, we are pleased to say, represent a strength of our business -- are a testament to the knowledge, service and professionalism we provide in real estate transactions. Since K.O. Real Estate handles a wide spectrum of property types – multi-million-dollar homes to more modest neighborhoods, and everything in between all over the metro Denver area – we monitor housing inventories to offer home upgrade options. 

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