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Downsizing to a Smaller Home

After raising a family or simply just taking a different tack in life, many people decide that the time is right to find a smaller house to call home. This often – but not always – involves selling one property for more than the purchase price of the new home and that can present tax implications. Moreover, people downsizing frequently face the challenges of requiring extra storage space or the need to also downsize the furniture and reduce the stuff that accumulated in life.

K.O. Real Estate has handled many downsizing situations and we are ready, willing and able to assist with any and all of the challenges it presents. We can estimate the price differentials to give your tax advisor a heads-up for a recommendation before any transaction takes place. And since we know the inventory on the market well, we can narrow down our searches to just the right properties that afford the necessary storage space requirements.

Plus,  K.O. Real Estate is your best choice in the marketplace to handle the sale of the existing home, simultaneously manage the search and purchase of the new home and balance the contingencies inherent in a sell/buy situation. Your move matters, and we have everything covered to help our client make the most informed judgment possible to find the right new smaller home.

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