How much is my home worth?

Buying Your Home

People looking to buy a home come to K.O. Real Estate precisely because they want the right home, in the right neighborhood, for the right price.

We are fully versed in mortgage financing and buyer qualification and we work closely with clients to fix issues, set parameters, work with applications and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. In some cases we discover that clients may need a little more time to qualify, but they remain our clients in the interim with the goal of eventually making them homeowners.

K.O. Real Estate is a premier brokerage as a result of always paying attention to every detail, every time. As experts in property management and asset preservation, there is no one better to evaluate the condition of a property and make an informed recommendation on what it will take to make a house on the market into the dream home our client envisions.

We know the schools, the taxes, the neighborhoods, the resources and the communities, so as new owners, our clients are fully informed on their homeownership future.

K.O. Real Estate maintains constant contact with all of the real estate resources throughout the region, including MLS and, meaning that our clients are often the first to know of new opportunities that open up and are fully informed of all of their options and  throughout their ideal target areas.

We are also experts in title searches and in the procedure of title companies to make sure a home’s history is clean and ready for sale. If there are problems in the title, we have the expertise to respond rapidly with curative actions to resolve issues and successfully acquire the desired property.

Plus – and contrary to some conventional wisdom in real estate circles these days – we adamantly believe that attending property inspections is an absolute necessity. Our expertise in property management and our focus on product knowledge benefits our clients most directly when it comes to issues that may arise in a home inspection. We are there to evaluate any issues, negotiate any settlements or adjustments, make recommendations on direction and always make sure the client makes the most informed decision possible.

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