How much is my home worth?

First Time Homebuyers

We love our first-time homebuyers because they bring a level of excitement and enthusiasm to the process that is wonderfully infectious and we do everything in our powers to maintain that excitement. However, we also know that first-timers are inexperienced and need even more information and education than people who have done this all before.

For first-time homebuyers, we make it clear right from the start that our first goal is not to get a deal done, but rather to get a deal done right.  Often a property that looks just perfect from the street or on a walk-through has issues that need to be addressed, and our job at K.O. Real Estate is to make sure we don’t let eagerness overcome judgment. We help negotiate the right price, manage the list of contingencies, see personally that the inspection is complete and meets expectations, and if need be, we make recommendations for adjustments or advise to simply walk away. Then together with the client we move on to another property, do our homework, make sure everything is just what the client wants, and make that dream home a reality.

Over the years a great many of our former first-time homebuyers call on us again when they want to upgrade to a new home or when they seek out an investment property. They already know that K.O. Real Estate delivers on its promises and they call on us again – to sell that first home and buy another – to replicate the knowledgeable, professional approach we take to each and every transaction, for each and every client. We promise the same infectious excitement and enthusiasm the second time around too.

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